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fryrender Release Candidate is out!!!

There are so many changes and massive IMPROVEMENTS in this version that I don’t even know where to begin.

- fryrender is FASTER overall
- The memory footprint is between 2x and 3x smaller than before
- Most of the relevant features have been improved individually
- The noise distribution is more uniform and dense
- …

In general fryrender is simply better and much more mature from a technical point of view.

Regarding some details, most of them have been covered by all the announcements made since vBeta1.9.1.
A summary follows:

- Better dielectrics (some old problems have been fixed)
- Better coatings
- Better dispersion
- Faster instancing
- Faster MPDM
- Reviewed S5 and S3
- Better network rendering (thoroughly tested, better UI, strengthened protocol, …)
- Full commandline support (useful for automating certain tasks)
- Improvements and fixes in all the plugins for all the platforms
- …

The Release Candidate is already available on our customers FTP . During today (Monday) you shall receive an email with a detailed changelog. As for the DEMO, it will be refreshed within today as well.

Regarding FeverFARM, the service will become fully operative in the upcoming days. We’ll keep you posted on this as well.

Note that Release Candidate means that fryrender is feature-locked from now on and until Release 1. We’ll take your feedback on this new build to make sure that R1 is as strong as you all deserve.

Thank you very much for watching, and enjoy this new build!

FRY RENDER RC v2008.05.26



Plugins 32bit

for 3dsmax 2009



Note: if you have problem with crack use this X-FORCE fix

32 bits

64 bits


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