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Character Creator 4에 선보일 기능입니다.
외부 데이터에 대한 편의성과 iClone 8과의 협업이 더 좋아질 것으로 보이네요

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Character Creator 4 & iClone 8 - The Future Character Creation & Animation

iClone 8 (IC8) and Character Creator 4 (CC4) are ready to preview the future of character production after the long wait and high expectation from 3D enthusiasts and professionals.

00:00 Opening
00:17 Auto Character Import (Known Skeleton Structure)
00:32 Animate Any Character Rig
01:22 Custom Facial Rig
02:20 Bring in Character Assets At Once
02:43 Advanced Facial Performance
03:45 Characters Come Alive! (Animation Preview, Display and Render)



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