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  1. 2008.07.18 Worldwide XSI 7 Online Launch Event
Old_2013/3d news2008. 7. 18. 10:44

CGSociety is proud to host the EXCLUSIVE worldwide online launch event for SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7, the
latest incarnation of Softimage’s flagship 3D software. Only available at CGSociety.org, visitors will
get the most in-depth look at Softimage’s new ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) platform,
a multi-threaded, node-based visual programming system for creating complex 3D effects and tools
easily. ICE represents a new direction for Softimage, transforming XSI from a 3D package to an open,
extensible platform.

Download Online Launch QuickTime video for offline viewing (150MB)

This video is brought to you in collaboration with technology partners
HP, Intel, Microsoft and NVIDIA.

Produced by PixelCorps

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