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  1. 2008.10.08 BOOK RIGGER V1.0


It creates pages with 3 bend modifiers, (for turn animation, secondary motion and landing position) and binds them into a controller to easily turn pages.


-Ability to define page count, page length, page width, segments, gap between pages and effect areas-max angles of benders.

-Ability to Randomize secondary motion

-Preview option, before actually binding every page.

Note that in preview option only one frame is keyed, and you control its motion scrubbing timeslider.

I cant be hold responsible for the trouble it may cause, so please use it on blank project, or at least backup your project before use.

Additional Info:

This is a Macroscript. After you run the script, you can find the
script under customize => customize user interface - category: Tik
Works, and can assign it to a hotkey, menu or quad menu

Version Requirement:
written with Max 2008
Video URL:
Posted by dhkim DongHwan, Kim

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