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Old_2013/3d news2008. 8. 21. 09:06

Posted by dhkim DongHwan, Kim
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Old_2013/3d news2008. 8. 20. 17:02

The modo tribe gathered at The Edison in a jam packed event in a visually stunning LA nightclub.  Brad Peebler was busy in the Generator Room in The Edison, updating everyone on Nexus improvements that will flow into modo! Check out these five technology preview movies:


QuickTime Movie 5.7 MB

Replicating a Herd of Rhinos
A method for rendering large numbers of like objects at render is introduced. “Replicators” can be created by a variety of methods including mesh paint and shaders. They are useful for adding details like grass, fur, leaves on trees or for repeating mechanical objects like welds.

Poly Tools Eye Candy

QuickTime Movie 9.4 MB

Poly Tools Eye Candy
Andy Brown created this video to show off new modo enhancements for constraining polygons to complex surfaces. He builds a polygon constrained to a highly complex head surfaces, then slides the polygons across the surface; they stay constrained to surface in real-time. Then he constrains a flat surface onto the head and it updates as bends and falls across the head surface. Finally, he rapidly draws an architectural-style orthogonal drawing then extrudes it into 3D a model.

Car Render Preview

QuickTime Movie 7.6 MB

Car Preview
Enhancements to the speed and quality of the Preview Renderer are shown in this technology demo. The Preview window is more interactive, even on large datasets such as a car model. A simplified user interface has been mocked up to show how material assignment and placing a model in pre-built environments can be handled via an intuitive workflow.

Grass (Painting with Fur)

QuickTime Movie 20.8 MB

Grass (Painting with “Fur” Material)
This “fur” material technology preview shows how flexible the concept is... it’s most definitely not limited to what we think of as “fur.” Here is just one application: create a scene of grass on a beach dune. Here modo’s paint and sculpting tools come into play; watch as the grass leaves are manipulated with the air brush using Fold, Tangent Pinch, Emboss and Inflate sculpting tools.

Series of Fur Renderings

QuickTime Movie 22.5 MB

A Peek at “Fur” Renderings
A series of samples of the range of materials that the “fur” system is capable of producing. Here, “fur” is used to create grass, fur, hair, palm fronds, excelsior, towel nap, brush tips, fiber optics and a dandelion seed. The name “fur” doesn't really do justice to this new fiber creation and rendering system.

Posted by dhkim DongHwan, Kim
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