Today I got a look at some of the graphics tech we’ll see in next year’s games. That came in the form of new Nvidia GameWorks tools, which I saw during a press event in Montreal, Canada. What’s new: advances for in-game fire, smoke, physics and lighting effects.P

The briefing took place at an editor’s day in Montreal, which I attended as a guest of Nvidia. In the video above, you’ll also see a demonstration of their new fire system, and how real-time GPU effects like foam, spray, water simulation, mass, displacement, rigid body and turbulence are all interacting with each other for the first time.P

The GameWorks program plays a big part of Nvidia’s close relationship with major game studios. For instance, Batman: Arkham Origins will use a range of Nvidia optimisations, including GPU PhysX for realistic turbulence, particle and cloth effects.P