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  1. 2008.11.12 Getting a "Common Language Runtime" error dialogue when launching Cleaner XL?
  2. 2008.07.09 Matrial Editor에서 Map을 Avi로 사용할때 선택이 안됩니다?


Applies to:
cleaner™ XL (SP2) 6.0.2 for PC
cleaner™ XL (SP1) 6.0.1 for PC


Why do I get a "Common Language Runtime Debugging Services" error dialogue whenever trying to launch cleaner XL?


This problem occurs if you have the Microsoft .NET Frameworks version 1.1 installed on your system. To verify the version you have installed:
  1. Go to your Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
  2. Check the list of installed programs
  3. Look for "Microsoft .NET Framework"
  4. Check the version number listed there.
To resolve this issue, you need to reinstall version 1.0 of the .NET package.

Note: There is no need to uninstall .Net version 1.1 - both versions can reside on your system. Insert your cleaner XL CD
  1. Browse to the "3rd party extras" folder
  2. Run the dotnetfx.exe file
If you did not purchase a cleaner XL CD, please contact Discreet Technical Support for assistance or call:
Toll free within North America: 1.877.347.2733
Global: 1.514.954.7550

Alternately, you can download the .Net version 1.0 directly from the Microsoft web site.

Posted by dhkim DongHwan, Kim

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Matrial Editor에서 Map을 Avi로 사용할때 선택이 안됩니다?

작업PC 프로그램중에 Nero라고 하는 프로그램이 있는지 찾아보십시오

Nero가 있다면 언인스톨 하시고 시스템을 리부팅합니다.

3dsMax를 다시 시작하시면 avi 파일을 선택하실 수 있으실 겁니다.

이 문제는 3dsMax Nero와의 상호 충돌로 많이 일어나는 문제입니다.
Posted by dhkim DongHwan, Kim

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